CFA Benefits: Advantages of the CFA® Charter

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In a previous blog article, we reviewed some of the benefits of the CFA charter. Today, we’ll be expanding on that topic so you can better appreciate the value add of the CFA Program. Let’s explore some more CFA benefits to see how exactly the CFA can benefit you.

1. A VIP Pass to the Major Investment Firms

While there are no guarantees in life, getting the CFA designation is a significant advantage. With this distinction, you’ll enjoy a friendlier path to securing a job with some of the most prominent players in the finance field. These include reputable global investment firms.

2. Extends Your Expertise in Finance

The exam is incredibly difficult to pass since the material is thorough and extensive. But the difficulty isn’t in understanding; it’s retaining all the information and applying the knowledge that often proves to be the real challenge. The CFA Program is designed to cover everything related to the finance and investment fields. Studying the curriculum is an excellent way to ensure you have a strong knowledge base and top-notch technical skills if you want to maximize your long-term career potential in the finance industry.

The Actual Exam
  • Level 1 exam is a broad array of topics that cover relevant areas needed in the finance industry including financial accounting, ethics, statistics, corporate finance, fixed income, and alternative investments.   
  • With Level 2, the exam expands the curriculum into more detail and is more specialized in finance topics. 
  • By Level 3, the exam is even further specialized in the areas of portfolio and wealth management. It also introduces essay questions that require you to combine many topic areas and apply them to real-world scenarios.

3. Most Esteemed Credential in Finance and Investment

The CFA charter is the gold standard. It can be a launching pad if your goal is to invest professionally in one of the following careers:

  • portfolio management
  • pension funds
  • hedge funds
  • fund of funds

Other opportunities could be working in private banking and financial advisory. Anyone hiring at these levels is already aware of the CFA Institute (CFAI) and its charterholders. No other professional designation carries the same esteem for asset managers and other financial industry participants.

4. Gives You Industry Cred 

For these professionals working as research analysts or asset managers, the CFA title is almost a must. Pursuing a career in these roles without a charter is selling yourself short. Most importantly, this designation helps you stand out from your peers. Financial firms are even seeing the value of having CFA charterholders in other areas, including chief executive roles.

5. Opens Doors to Valuable Connections

It’s the same qualification all over the world and held to the same level of esteem. Today, about 100,000 charterholders are working in 130 countries worldwide. The CFA unlocks many doors because it is one of the most recognized professional qualifications in finance in the world. The great thing about global recognition is that the CFA charterholder becomes more easily transferable across markets. This international recognition gives you the flexibility to work around the globe. Finally, the exclusive nature of the CFA designation affords you an unparalleled network of distinguished achievers you can leverage throughout your career.

6. Waives Licensing Requirements

Because the CFA charter is globally recognized, some countries have waived part or all requirements for other professional certifications. This waiver is mostly in the fields of investment and trading. Also, unlike the accounting qualifications that are more geo-specific, the CFA charter is truly global. When your work takes you from Mumbai to New York or from London to Singapore, the value of your CFA designation remains the same.

As you can see, the CFA charter offers many benefits, which is why it is difficult to attain. Not only does it require much time and effort, but also a significant investment. That’s why we created our Level I CFA exam online learning tool.

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