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Although passing the CFA exam can be a difficult undertaking, adequate preparation can significantly simplify the process. With the increasing number of online learning tools available, finding the best fit for your budget and learning style can be overwhelming. That's where we come in.
UWorld’s CFA mock exams prepare you for the actual test day!
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How to Choose the Best CFA Prep Provider?

The simple answer to the question posed is to find a CFA prep provider that best fits your needs. The better solution is to research what each product offers, how it fits your study style and budget, and what specific materials are included. Below are some important things to consider and keep in mind when preparing to purchase study materials.

The Approved Prep Provider Program was launched to help improve candidate preparation for the exams and establish a set of principles considered best practices for prep course providers. Approved Prep Provider Program participants agree to reinforce the value and importance of the curriculum in effectively preparing for the exam and convey the role of their preparatory products as additional tools to complement the prescribed curriculum.

Candidates should question the quality of the content because it will ultimately make the difference between your passing or failing.

  • Does the prep provider employ full-time CFA charterholders to prepare their study materials?
  • Does the prep provider leverage only the CFA blueprint based on the LOS?

Many preparatory providers’ test banks are based on old material no longer included in the curriculum or exams. Ensure the question formats and structures are consistent with the current curriculum. Approved Prep Provider Program participants receive updates earlier in the year and agree to the timely retirement of questions and materials that are no longer consistent with the curriculum and exam format.

Study materials that are not available until a few months before the exam will not offer much study time for the exam. Select a provider that not only notifies candidates of modifications and updates to study materials, but also promptly distributes revisions to all users.

If the provider guarantees your success on the exam:

  • How are guarantees handled for unsuccessful candidates?
  • Do they refund a portion of your money?
  • Do they give you a discount on next year’s products?

Approved Prep Provider Program participants agree not to publish their pass rates. Pass rates published by non-participating providers should be questioned.

When searching for a prep provider, it’s wise to begin by consulting with trusted individuals about their experiences and recommendations. Have they utilized a specific CFA preparation product previously and were satisfied with it? Afterward, peruse customer reviews to determine whether the products being promoted meet customer expectations.

Does the provider you’re interested in have a history of helping students prepare for career-altering exams? While some companies have provided CFA prep services for decades, several newcomers have been highly competitive thanks to their innovative approaches to test-prep services. Developers with a strong background and knowledge of exam history can prepare the most effective CFA exam prep course that focuses on teaching pertinent materials to help students achieve passing scores.

Does the provider you’re interested in have a history of helping students prepare for career-altering exams? While some companies have provided CFA prep services for decades, several newcomers have been highly competitive thanks to their innovative approaches to test-prep services. Developers with a strong background and knowledge of exam history can prepare the most effective CFA exam prep course that focuses on teaching pertinent materials to help students achieve passing scores.

It is essential to take into account your individual circumstances, such as your lifestyle and obligations, when choosing a CFA prep course. If you have a full-time job, a lengthy commute, or family obligations, a flexible learning approach may be the most suitable option. In this case, a prep course that offers digital materials, self-paced modules, and live streaming can be more effective than traditional in-person lectures. As a busy professional, investing in a prep course that emphasizes flexible learning and mobile accessibility can save you valuable time.

CFA Exam Prep Providers’ Comparison Price and Question Count

Unlike most other high-stakes exams, the CFAI provides all the required readings and an online ecosystem when you sign up for the exam. With that in mind, look for a third-party provider that supplements, not replaces, these items. The following chart compares the base-level features offered by some of the best CFA exam prep providers. This chart should only supplement the information provided, as user experiences vary widely between CFA course providers.

CFA Level 1 Prep Provider Free Trial? Level 1 Course Price Mock Exams Level 1 QBank Questions
UWorld CFA 7 days $199 2 2,500+
Kaplan Schweser 7 days $999 4 N/A
Mark Meldrum No $310 3 Yes
Bloomberg Exam Prep 14 days $1,199 9 N/A
Princeton Review 7 days $599 4 3,150+
CFA Level 2 Prep Provider Free Trial? Level 2 Course Price Mock Exams Level 2 QBank Questions
UWorld CFA 7 days $199 2 1000+
Kaplan Schweser 7 days $1049 4 N/A
Mark Meldrum No $350 3 1000+
Bloomberg Exam Prep 14 days $1,199 8 N/A
Princeton Review 7 days $499 2 1500+
*Pricing as of 10/6/2022; as available, based on annual subscriptions and self-study products for 2023;
package details can change over time.

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The UWorld DifferenceEvidence Based Learning Tools and More

From the inception of our company, we have developed a unique approach that engages students in their own learning, simplifies difficult concepts into understandable explanations, and offers the most authentic exam experience available.

Achieving student success requires a genuine passion, a steadfast dedication to providing the necessary resources, identifying top-notch experts and writers, and implementing an efficient process for delivering high-quality content on a cutting-edge platform. The remarkable outcomes attained over time are a testament to the effectiveness of these efforts.

Be it the ready-to-use notes on ReadyDecks, organized content in My Notebook, and Active learning UWorld CFA prep tools can make your life easier than ever. Here are some highlights demonstrating this commitment to our students

Customizable Exams

Not only do the UWorld CFA® mock exams simulate the question format and interface of the actual exam, it also lets you customize each session as per your comfort. This helps you in arriving at a precise metric when analyzing your study progress.

Customizable Exams

Showing the UWorld’s custom exams for practice

In-Depth Explanations

In-Depth Explanations

UWorld has gained a reputation for providing exceptional explanations for both correct and incorrect answer choices. While it's important to know the right answer, understanding why certain answers are wrong is just as valuable, as the concepts are often interrelated.

Vivid Illustrations

In addition to our top-quality, in-depth explanations, our CFA Level 1 and CFA Level 2 exam QBanks also feature vivid illustrations. Our illustrations are straightforward and highly intuitive, adding value to students who prefer a more visual learning style.

Vivid Illustrations

Detailed Performance Trackers

Detailed Performance Trackers

Understanding your past performance helps identify areas for improvement. At UWorld, we prioritize the significance of comprehending your scores. Therefore, after completing several exams, our dashboard generates Reports and Graphs sections that analyze and chart your overall performance. This empowers you to recognize where you went wrong and the specific areas that require further work.

On-the-Go Access

In order to maximize your study time, it is essential that your CFA study material is easily accessible across all aspects of your daily routine. Our comprehensive app allows you to access your entire CFA exam preparation conveniently and on-the-go, syncing seamlessly across all your devices to help you make the most of your study time.

On-the-Go Access

Active Learning Incorporation​

Active Learning Incorporation

UWorld's exam prep products have been designed using the active-learning approach, which has been proven to enable students to successfully apply practical knowledge during their exams. This approach prepares them to practice competently in their respective fields of study. With the UWorld CFA learning platform, you can study with flashcards integrated with spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven study technique that hacks how your brain works to allow you to retain information over a longer period.

Customizable ‘My NoteBook’

A customizable electronic notebook ideal for detailed note-taking, organizing content, and quickly recalling complex subjects. You can copy any written or visual content from the questions or explanations into My Notebook within the test interface. You can also use basic editor functionality like bolding, highlighting, and bullet points.

Customizable ‘My NoteBook’

Concise Formula Sheets

Concise Formula Sheets

CFA exam formula sheets provide an overview of the CFA Program subject matter and provide candidates a feel for the CFA Levels 1, 2, and 3 formulas they'll need to know. Topic areas organize to help you learn the mathematical foundations tested on each exam faster than ever before.

Please keep in mind: All UWorld CFA subscribers have access to the PDF versions of our full CFA formula sheets.

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User Testimonials About UWorld CFA

Despite UWorld CFA being a relatively new product, we’ve already received outstanding reviews comparable to our other exam preparation platforms.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Frequently Asked Questions

The CFAI does not allow CFAI Approved Prep Providers to list their pass rates. That said, CFA candidates who use a CFA review course, especially for CFA Level 1 and Level 2 exam prep tend to have much better pass rates than those who do not.
The CFA exam is only administered in English, so having a strong understanding of the language is highly recommended. That aside, finding a CFA exam course provider with detailed, easy-to-understand rationales is a major benefit. This is a point of emphasis at UWorld Finance.

At the heart of UWorld CFA exam prep is active-learning technology, which leverages study methods that have been shown to improve student-learning outcomes over traditional, passive-learning methods (such as watching video lectures). It works through 3 simple tenets:

  1. Learn by Doing : Practice up-to-date UWorld CFA exam QBank (Level 1 and Level 2) problems to refine your knowledge.
  2. Focused Learning : Customize practice tests using performance metrics highlighting your weaknesses.
  3. Simplified Learning : Our in-depth rationales and detailed illustrations simplify critical concepts and decrease the need for memorization.

Even if you’re a slow learner, active learning will maximize your information retention and give you the greatest odds of passing the CFA exam.

UWorld CFA exam prep offers a highly interactive and user-friendly digital interface designed from the ground up with online-learning best practices in mind. This allows you to study on the go, pick up where you left off, and stay engaged through professionally-produced illustrations and active-learning technology.

With the low pass rates that CFA Level 1 exam usually projects, it is natural for candidates to look for a backup plan. Some CFA exam review courses offer their own version of a pass guarantee, but most revolve around the candidate receiving the course again. However, if a candidate fails the first time, why would they want to use the same study approach a second time? At UWorld Finance, we offer a subscription service (with discounts to extend your access) so that you only pay for what you need. This allows you to save money over our competitors even if you fail to pass the first time.

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