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1. Passion Led Us Here

What started as a passion project for Dr. Chandra Pemmasani in his college dorm room has blossomed into a thriving company that students and professionals turn to when they require the best learning tools to prepare them for their pivotal exams. In 2001, while doing his medical residency, he began writing case-based learning questions for the US Medical Licensing Exam because the study resources he felt at the time were poor quality and too expensive.

He originally tried to publish the 250 questions he’d written as a book, but after posting them in online forums, he received an overwhelming response and demand for more. He then recruited his brother and his roommate, who were graduate students at Virginia Tech University, and USMLE World (later renamed to UWorld) was born.

Today, UWorld is an industry leader in medical licensing exam prep as well as nursing, accounting, and college entrance exams. The hallmark of UWorld is an obsession with quality and premier answer explanations. It’s the dedicated work of talented employees who are passionate educators and industry experts that have helped Dr. Pemmasani create the highest quality educational tools for high-stakes exams.

UWorld's Provider Credentials

Established in medical exams with 95% market share
Expanded into nursing, law, accounting, and college entrance exams
Launched our CFA Level I learning platform

2. What Sets Us Apart

Call us geeks. Call us nerds. Call us overly obsessive. But make no mistake about it, when you have a make-or-break exam, our experts have made us the company you can rely on. We are the most user-friendly test prep company on the market, and we’ll help you know what to expect—and how to succeed—on test day. At UWorld, what sets us apart is the fact that we design our products using a unique, innovative active-learning methodology. This means that our goal is to not only prepare you for your exams but also help you become a better professional from day one. We accomplish this by making sure we not only prepare you to pass the exam but also master the concepts being tested.

Merging academic excellence with digital innovation, we develop online learning tools of the highest standards that have the greatest positive impact on our users. Our question banks (QBanks) are built from the ground up by a dedicated team of content developers who were all top-scorers on their exams. Our obsession with quality and singular focus on student outcomes compels us to produce only the best material, allowing us to become the global leader in online preparation for high-stakes exams.

Since 2003, we have helped millions of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students prepare for their exams. At the core of our mission is an obsession with quality, so that students receive only the best in learning resources. No matter the test, we ensure student success by using an active-learning approach to exam prep. With challenging practice questions that mirror the real exam and unrivaled explanations, you can efficiently and effectively prepare for every topic on your exams. By applying this proven methodology to our CFA Level 1 exam prep platform, we are confident that our learning tool will improve your chances of success on the CFA exams.

 #1 Major 

 #2 Major 

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Superior Value

Everything you need to pass the CFA L1 Exam as low as $199*

All Digital Platform

eLearning built to leverage all digital devices providing everything needed to pass the exam

Culture of Innovation

We're an agile, data driven business committed to giving the most current, relevant content

Comprehensive Explanations

Detailed rationales for all answer options. Practical, professionally-produced illustrations

Calculator Keystrokes in Real Time

We show the calculator keystrokes for specific questions solving complex equations

Designed With You in Mind

Our intuitive digital interface includes advanced note-taking functionality and flashcards

*Our Competition's Pricing
Competitor #1 - $649 Essential Self Study
Competitor #2 - $595 Self-Study Course 2020

3. An All-Digital Platform

In the digital age, convenience makes a difference. As a busy finance professional or student with only 24 hours each day to balance your busy lifestyle, you need the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere. Our proprietary all-digital interface lets you study at your convenience using your favorite device anywhere life takes you. Our platform gives you precisely what you need to pass the CFA exam — nothing more, nothing less. Our in-depth explanations, paired with straightforward illustrations and images, for correct and incorrect answers, give you a better understanding of difficult CFA concepts.

Digital works, and we know it. Here are a few some additional benefits of digital:

  • Conveniently track your study progress
  • Compare results with your peers across UWorld
  • Start where you left off from any device
  • Leverage our digital flashcards
  • Customize your practice tests
  • Take as many tests as you need
  • Cross out wrong answers
  • Bookmark questions to come back to
  • Access the calculator keystrokes

4. We Are Finance Experts

To create the highest-quality CFA learning platform possible, we do not outsource any of our content. Instead, we have aggressively acquired 10 full-time content writers totaling 200+ years of experience to underpin our content development, which includes:

  • 10 CFA charterholders with senior roles in the CFA prep industry
  • Decades of CFA-specific teaching experience, content creation and Financial training for leading CFA prep providers
  • Extensive experience at CFA exam development at leading CFA providers, including exam development for CFA Institute

We also recognize that all finance experts were not created equally! We search all over the world to find the right team members to build you the best overall content. Our CFA content development team of ten consists of charterholders and industry professionals with diverse teaching experiences. Some members have been instructors for companies in the CFA Institute’s APP Program and others bring international teaching experience to the team.

UWorld's CFA Content Developers Include

CFA charterholders with senior roles in the CFA prep industry

Decades of CFA experience in teaching and content creation

Exam development experience, including for CFA Institute®
As we have developed several products across multiple professional qualifications, our content development process is well-tuned. Focusing on quality and depth over quantity, each question goes through a meticulous development process. Every question in our platform is peer-reviewed and revised multiple times before being approved for professional copy editing and illustration and making it into the final product. And it doesn’t stop there – candidate feedback is a big part of our ongoing development process as well, bringing continuous improvement to the quality of our learning platform.

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by UWorld Finance. CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA Institute.

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