Introducing Digital Flashcards With Spaced Repetition Technology

Digital Flashcards for CFA Exam

At UWorld, we constantly strive to deliver a better experience to our customers. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our newly enhanced digital flashcards with spaced repetition, which you can access within the new “Study” feature of your UWorld CFA Level 1 question bank (QBank). Customizable study sessions integrated with spaced repetition streamline how you create and review flashcards to take advantage of spaced repetition technology with UWorld CFA exam content. This article will walk you through the new flashcard enhancements.

What Is Spaced Repetition? 

Spaced repetition is a scientifically-proven learning technique that boosts memory retention and the ability to recall information. In some ways, it is a study method that hacks how the brain works to improve memory. In practice, spaced repetition works best with digital flashcards by presenting data you wish to review in specific intervals.

How It Works With UWorld

When reviewing flashcards you’ve created in “Study” mode, you can mark them as “Again,” “Good,” or “Easy,” depending on the degree of difficulty. Flashcards marked as “Again” indicate concepts you find more complex and will appear more frequently (every minute) until you’ve mastered them, then less regularly, challenging your brain to retain information over the long term.

Following the same logic as above, flashcards you mark as “Good” will appear less frequently (every 10 mins), and those marked as “Easy” will appear even less often (every four days) until you’ve understood the concepts you’re reviewing. This repetition pattern during your study sessions allows you to remember the information and recall concepts you’ve mastered on exam day.

Flashcards Pop-Up

Within the UWorld CFA QBank, a “Flashcards” pop-up makes it easy to search, move, and expand flashcards. You can use the pop-up to create a new flashcard or add content to a flashcard you’ve already made. You can transfer content (written and visual) to both sides of the card, add notes, and create custom tags to improve your search criteria.

You also no longer have to worry about saving your flashcards manually because the flashcards you create will be automatically available in future study sessions.

CFA Review Flashcards - UWorld Interface

Browse Mode

A new “Browse” feature enables you to create new flashcards and gives you better search filtering options. You can organize and edit your flashcard decks and search for your flashcards based on flashcard content or the tags you created. When searching for a specific flashcard or arranging your flashcard decks, you can now apply “Subject” or “System” filters to quickly identify the material you wish to review.

See Our Enhanced Flashcard Features in Action

To learn more or to start using these new enhanced flashcard features, log into your UWorld CFA QBank now or visit today!

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