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An analyst gathers the following information about a company:

If the company has only common equity and debt in its capital structure, the company's weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is closest to:

Uworld CFA Interface
Uworld CFA Interface

An analyst gathers the following information abouta company reporting under US GAAP:

All else being equal, an increase in the statutory tax rate from 20% to 25% would most likely increase:

Uworld CFA Interface
Uworld CFA Interface

A hedge fund has the following fee structure, charged on year-end assets under management (AUM):

The fund value is $372 million at the beginning of the year and $412 million, before fees, at the end of the year. For this year, if fees are calculated independently, the net return to the investor is closest to:

Uworld CFA Interface
Uworld CFA Interface

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