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Wiley Efficient Learning customers–we are excited to welcome you to the UWorld platform. We understand that moving to new courseware in the midst of your prep journey may be inconvenient, but we are committed to making the shift to UWorld as smooth as possible–all while highlighting the new features, content, and tools you’ll receive!

In this guide, we will explore all the benefits of Wiley Efficient Learning merging with UWorld, and explain the transition process for the coming months.

UWorld Acquires Wiley Efficient Learning Exam Prep

UWorld is thrilled to support more finance exam candidates than ever before, including those of you preparing for CFA®, and CMT® exams. With the merging of two leading educational providers, we are confident that you will have the content, prep methods, and study tools to succeed on your finance certification journey!

Discover how UWorld's comprehensive question bank (QBank) and performance tracking tools alongside Wiley Efficient Learning’s emphasis on a streamlined, approachable study experience can give you confidence on exam day and boost your score.

UWorld: The Trusted Global Study Resource Since 2003

UWorld is a leading study resource trusted by millions of students worldwide. Founded in 2003, UWorld delivers proven question bank and practice materials for various medical, nursing, admissions, finance, and accounting certification exams. Through detailed answer explanations, industry-leading visual aids, spaced repetition technology, and performance tracking tools, you’ll have access to more practice and personalized data to help you meet your exam goals.

Continued Access to Wiley Efficient Learning Study Tools

Your Wiley Efficient Learning review course will not be disrupted. Soon, UWorld and Wiley will combine their learning tools, including lectures, questions, virtual classrooms, mock exams and more.

As the complete transition unfolds, we will reach out to you directly with instructions on how to sign on to the UWorld platform single sign-on.

Access the Power of UWorld and Wiley Efficient Learning

UWorld acquired Wiley Efficient Learning to deliver innovative courses that combine Wiley's 200+ year track record of excellence with UWorld's pioneering approach to active learning that has helped millions pass their high-stakes exams. The merger combines the strengths of both platforms to deliver enhanced study resources. You’ll have access to hundreds of practice questions, video lectures from expert instructors, and more. Your new and improved study tools include, but are not limited to:

  • CFA Exam Study Guides Streamlined notes, practical examples, and questions covering each LOS
  • High-Quality MCQs with Explanations for Each Answer Choice Our in-depth reationales explain the reasoning behind each answer choice.
  • Engaging Video Lectures Dozens of hours of quality lectures from industry experts!
  • Virtual Online Classes Access strategies on commonly missed exam questions through problem-solving sessions and Q&As
  • 11th Hour Final Review lA last month surgical review of critical exam topics, packed with concise explanations, practical examples, and exam-level questions.
  • Accelerate Bootcamp Receive targeted guidance from industry experts and collaborate in ways that just aren’t possible with an average CFA course.
  • "ReadyDecks" Pre-populated Digital Flashcards Loaded with terms, graphs, and formulas curated by our team of CFA experts.
  • Customizable ‘SmartCard’ Digital Flashcards with Spaced repetition. Grade flashcards by difficulty so you don’t waste time studying what you already know.
  • Level Specific Question Format including MCQs, Items Sets and Essays. Our questions are written by CFA experts to replicate the exam in both difficulty and format.
  • Performance Tracking by Topic Identify your weaknesses by subject and topic, then turn them into strengths.
  • Active Learning: Learn by Doing Our research backed learning methodology ensures that you learn efficiently.
  • Fully-featured Mobile App that Syncs Across Devices Study in an uber and pick up where you left off at home!

UWorld also provides further resources to support your exam preparation, including user guides with detailed instructions on how to navigate your course, as well as video tutorials with visual demonstrations and tips for making the most of your new and improved course.

Seamless Transition: Elevate Your Exam Preparation to UWorld

If you are a current user of a Wiley Efficient Learning Exam Review course for CFA exams, your login information and course data will be securely transferred to UWorld in accordance with US data privacy regulations. Current Unlimited Access Until You Pass policies will be honored on the UWorld platform, so you retain access to up-to-date courseware for as long as you need it to reach your goal as promised.

CMT Exam Review and CMT Official Curriculum course users will retain access to their current exam year products through December 2023. The 2024 Official CMT Curriculum and 2024 UWorld CMT Review Course will launch on the UWorld platform next year.

All Efficient Learning customers for the above exams will be able to continue using your existing courses as usual until UWorld contacts you with specific instructions regarding access to your new materials.

Experience Your Free Trial to Explore UWorld

If your course has not yet migrated to the UWorld platform and you’re eager to check out what’s to come, sign up for a free trial of one of our finance products!

Frequently Asked Questions

For support and platform questions, please explore the following steps.

  1. Visit the Support Center: https://www.uworld.com/contact_us.aspx
  2. Search In the Support Center: you will find a knowledge base or FAQ section that provides answers to common questions and issues. Browse through the articles to see if your query is addressed there.
  3. Contact Support (if needed): If you couldn’t find the information you need in the knowledge base, look for the ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page. Fill out the requested information and we will respond back to you promptly.

The merger will not impact the Wiley product or services you access via efficientlearning.com. You can continue to access your products as you have been. If you are having technical issues or have customer service questions, please reach out directly to Wel_Support@UWorld.com.

No. There will be no changes to your current terms and conditions.
Yes. Once we have completed the transition off the Wiley platform in the next 6-8 months, your account information will be securely transferred to UWorld.
By combining our resources and expertise, we are creating a stronger and more comprehensive finance exam prep platform that offers an expanded range of products and services. These include video lectures, live online classes, boot camps, and an 11th Hour Final Review. We are also introducing a FreshStart program for candidates transitioning from other prep providers.
No. UWorld’s renowned QBanks will continue to consist of high-quality practice questions that align with exam Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), and will include detailed answer explanations to boost your understanding of core concepts.
No. There will be no immediate modifications to the UWorld or Wiley Efficient Learning interfaces, except for scheduled maintenance and enhancements. When your Wiley Efficient Learning course is ready on the UWorld platform, you will receive detailed instructions directly from customer support on how to get started. You will be able to continue studying as usual with your existing materials until then.
If you are a Wiley Efficient Learning product user, you will continue to contact Wiley customer service for assistance. If you are a UWorld product user, please reach out to UWorld’s customer support.
CFA and CMT Exam Review courses will be integrated to the UWorld platform in the coming months. Any changes will be clearly communicated to ensure a smooth transition.
Yes. As we transition products to the UWorld brand, the following features will become available over time to enhance our product offerings:
  • QBank
  • Mock Exams
  • Video Lectures
  • Live Online Classes
  • Boot Camps
  • 11th Hour Final Review

We will also provide a FreshStart program discount for candidates migrating from other prep providers. Additionally, we are introducing a study pass policy for those who do not pass or defer their exams but need to continue studying. Detailed information on these features and others will be communicated in the near future.

No. If you are a Wiley Efficient Learning product user, you will continue to be governed by Wiley refund policy and access duration. Likewise, if you are a UWorld product user, you will remain under UWorld’s refund policy and access.
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