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Ever wished you could just engage with an expert in real-time? We pack decades of combined CFA experience into 2 Days of intensive, live instruction. Master key topics and learn to overcome common issues that keep average candidates from passing the first time.
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Get Insider Guidance from Industry Renown CFAs

We’ve earned our charters and spent our careers studying and teaching the exam. Accelerate Bootcamp is a distillation of the most useful knowledge we have to offer.
Peter Olinto, JD, CPA (inactive), CFA
Peter Olinto, JD, CPA (inactive), CFA
Peter Olinto is a highly accomplished individual with impressive credentials in the CFA and CPA domains.

He is a CFA and CPA Review Lead Instructor at UWorld and holds CPA, JD, and CFA qualifications,passing all four parts of the CPA and the first two levels of the CFA Program exam on his first attempts.

Peter's teaching career has spanned various subjects, including SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and CPA. He has conducted Level I and II CFA Program classes in over fifty cities worldwide.

Before becoming an instructor, Peter worked as a tax attorney at Ernst and Young and established his law practice focusing on tax, real estate, and estate planning.

Peter has been teaching CPA and CFA Program Exam Review courses for more than two decades. Three hundred universities have utilized his instructional videos, numerous accounting and financial firms, and over 100,000 successful CFA and CPA candidates worldwide.

Darren Degraaf, CFA, MAFM PRM
Darren Degraaf, CFA, MAFM PRM

Darren Degraaf is a Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder, U.S. Certified Public Accountant (Delaware), and Professional Risk Manager with extensive experience teaching CFA exam courses globally, including Level I, Level II, and Level III topics. more...

Anyone Can Study. Few Can Engage with Experts.

Our instructors will reason through exam-like cases, teach you to avoid common mistakes, and help you master the toughest topics - all in real-time.

Accelerate your Studies

You’ll start Accelerate BootCamp having already studied for weeks. Our instructors will fill knowledge gaps, answer looming questions, and use their experience to magnify your hard work.

Accelerate your Studies

Focus on What’s Important

Focus on What’s Important

Get into the mind of a CFA expert as they break down case-studies and walk you through their thought process. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks they’ve collected through decades of experience.

Get Your Questions Answered

Need extra help? Join our exclusive Q&A session. Get your specific questions answered by Accelerate BootCamp instructors and see what your peers are struggling with.

Get Your Questions Answered

Connect with Your Peers

Connect with Your Peers

Studying for the CFA exam doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Join your peers during live classes, connect, share insights, and network - you might just see them at the office water cooler one day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerate BootCamp spans 2, 8-hour days with a 1 hour Q&A session the following week. Note that schedules and professors are subject to change.
Yes. Access everything you need for Accelerate BootCamp through your online UWorld account.
Yes. You can ask your instructors specific questions during a live 1-hour Q&A session.
Accelerate BootCamp is part of our Elite Course Package.
You should come into Accelerate BootCamp having already completed most of your studies. Our instructors are there to fill knowledge gaps, answer looming questions, and amplify the efficacy of your hard work as you approach your exam date.
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