CFA® Dynamic Study Planner

Take the Most Direct Path to Success

It doesn’t matter if you're months or weeks away. The Dynamic Study Planner provides a personalized roadmap to success. All you have to do is start studying.

A Student preparing for the CFA Exam using UWorld’s CFA dynamic study planner

Automate your CFA Exam Study Plan

When life happens, the Dynamic Study Planner adapts to your schedule so you can keep your momentum.


Input your start date, end date, and available study hours, and our algorithm will create an optimized study plan.


Make every study session count. Stay on track with progress checkpoints and study exactly what you need.


Whether you're at home, in a coffee shop, or on your daily commute, the dynamic calendar is always at your fingertips.

Stop Planning. Start Studying.

Don’t waste time stressing about what to study, when to study, and for how long. Just follow these steps and start learning.


Answer a few brief questions

Need to squeeze in quick study sessions? Only available to study in the evenings? No problem. Input how much and how often you want to study, and the algorithm will fit a plan to your needs.


Receive your study plan

Get a complete study plan with personalized practice tests, videos from top instructors, and study guide readings that cover key concepts for every Learning Outcome Statement (LOS).


Follow the daily schedule

Open your study plan calendar and view your daily schedule. All you have to do is click a link and start studying. Miss some sessions? When life happens, your study schedule adapts.

Pack Hours into Minutes

Study efficiently by focusing on exactly what you need when you need to.

Visualize your Progress

View a blueprint of your study plan in calendar format. Each day includes links to exactly what you need to study and for how long.

Visualize your Progress

Set Clear Goals

Set Clear Goals

Select your start and end date, calculate how many hours a week you can study, and then view your study plan for each day, week, and month.

Build Positive Study Habits

Consistency is more effective than cramming. Stay on track with a steady pace of assignments curated by CFA charterholders and finance experts.

Build Positive Study Habits

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

Stay Exam Ready, Even on the Go

Swap social media scrolling for targeted review. Use the UWorld CFA mobile app to access your study plan from anywhere.

Start Planning Like a CFA Charterholder

Invest in yourself today. Profit tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. UWorld’s CFA dynamic study planner automatically adapts to your inputs: start date, end date, available hours, etc. Each lesson features video lectures, visuals, and expertly crafted study guides and questions to help you succeed, whatever your learning style.
The UWorld Dynamic Study Planner features an algorithm that automatically adapts to your schedule and organizes assignments based on what you need to study when you need to study it. The progress tracker keeps you accountable and learning at a steady, manageable pace. And the mobile accessibility allows you to continue studying anywhere, anytime.
Yes. The UWorld Dynamic Study Planner tracks what you’ve completed and what you need to get done. You’ll also have access to performance analytics that help you identify knowledge gaps.
The UWorld CFA Dynamic Study Planner requires an internet connection or data plan for full functionality.
Planning is one of the most stressful and important aspects of studying for the CFA Exam. UWorld’s Dynamic Study Planner provides a clear blueprint for success and helps build positive study habits so you’ll never have to worry about whether you’re on the right track.
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