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Every formula, concept, and topic you need to pass, distilled into a concise roadmap by CFA charterholders and finance experts.

UWorld's CFA Level 3 Exam Study Guides available in print and digital formats.

Gain Total Confidence

Every LOS is up-to-date, aligned to the CFAI blueprint, and thoroughly covered. When you’re done, you’ll be confident that your knowledge and familiarity with the curriculum is total.


Updated by our in-house team of charterholders every year.


Simple, plain language. Detailed enough, but not too much.


Covers every LOS in the CFA Level 3 curriculum.


Used by thousands of students in 100+ countries.


Full of example problems with clear explanations.


Written by our in-house team of CFA charterholders.

Understand the Curriculum like a CFA Charterholder

Every example, definition, and explanation is written, reviewed, and kept up-to-date by our in-house team of finance experts and CFA charterholders.

Learning Module 4 Probability Trees and Conditional Expectations with learning outcome statements.

Master Exactly What You Need to Pass

Break down difficult topics like Fixed Income and Ethics with real-world examples, exam-like questions, in-depth explanations, and insights from actual charterholders woven through each module.

Simplify Concepts with Visual Aids

Research shows that we retain visual information longer. Learn faster, retain longer, and become fluent in analyzing the charts, graphs, and diagrams you’ll confront on math-heavy subjects like Econ.

Access your digital CFA study guide anytime, anywhere with the UWorld Finance mobile app.

Get Encyclopedic Knowledge from Laptop-Thin Volumes

Each volume is less than half an inch thick and packed with updated, expertly written, CFAI-aligned content. Page through the print version at lunch or scroll through the digital version in the back of an Uber.

UWorld's CFA Study Guides and videos are seamlessly integrated for optimal learning.

Upgrade to an Integrated Learning System

Watch lectures from top instructors, practice exam-level questions featuring in-depth explanations, review spaced-repetitions flashcards, and simulate the real thing with CFAI-aligned mock exams.

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2024 - The Year You Pass the CFA Level 3 Exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

UWorld’s CFA Level 3 Study Guide covers every learning outcome statement (LOS), subject, subtopic, and formula in the official CFAI CFA Level 3 curriculum.
We recommended allocating at least 300 hours to studying for the CFA Level 3 Exam.
Yes. We’ve designed UWorld’s CFA Level Study Guide to prepare students with the knowledge they need to pass. However, the Qbank, mock exams, spaced-repetition flashcards, and video lectures will greatly increase your chances of passing.
No. Practice questions (Qbank) and mock exams are sold separately, or as part of our course packages.
The print version comes in a set of 5 volumes, while the digital version is available on your preferred device. Other than that, there is no difference.
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CFA Level 3 QBank
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August 16-19, 2024
Access from Jan 2024 to Sep 30, 2024
CFA Level 3 Core
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August 16-19, 2024
Access from Jan 2024 to Sep 30, 2024
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August 16-19, 2024
Access from Jan 2024 to Sep 30, 2024
CFA Level 3 Elite
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August 16-19, 2024
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