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Improve Engagement, Increase Retention, and Build a Talent Pipeline.
The worlds of accounting and finance are in constant flux, and upskilling your team remains the most cost-effective way to stay on the cutting edge. Build an internal talent pipeline with career-centered courses that help employees achieve certification faster, engage more, and deliver greater value to your business.
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Why Partner with UWorld?

When you partner with UWorld, you partner with a team of in-house, certified experts with tangible connections to the industry that offer continued support beyond implementation.


Our in-house team of industry experts follows a rigorous process to ensure that all content is developed, reviewed, and updated to reflect current industry practices and exam standards.


Employees can take practice tests that simulate the actual exam, then review advanced analytics to identify what they need to study, and when they're ready to pass.

Learning Tools

Employees gain access to spaced-repetition flashcards, a digital notebook, and a dynamic study planner that creates a personalized schedule based on their individual needs.


Our dedicated sales team fosters mutually beneficial relationships between universities and firms to address the pipeline and enrollment crises.


We continue to support your business long after candidate and team-lead onboarding sessions with bespoke webinars, presentations, events, and promotional kits.


Incentivize more employees to pass their certification exams faster with cost-effective solutions and discounts tailored exclusively to your business goals and needs.

Firms Benefit from Increasingly Proficient Employees Before Exam Day

Empower your employees to take ownership of their learning and development with a self-study system mapped to job-relevant skills and the real-world application of key concepts.
Graph showing retention can be increased through learning and development focus.

Increase Retention

Keep your best employees longer and fill skills gaps from within while attracting top talent.
Graph showing replacement cost increases by Low, Mid and High.

Increase ROI

Increase productivity, earn client trust, and get your employees to certification faster.
Graph showing a learning and development focus can improve employee engagement scores by as much as 90%.

Increase Engagement

Build a culture of continuous learning that fosters intellectual curiosity and adaptive thinking.

Accounting and Finance Courses that Make an Impact

Encourage your team to stack certifications and develop new, job-relevant skills as your business grows and confronts novel challenges that require new skills (CPA, CMA, CIA, CFA, and CMT).

Each Course Includes…

  • An extensive collection of test bank questions covering foundational concepts
  • Engaging video lessons presented by leading accounting and finance instructors
  • Detailed performance and progress analytics that keep employees on track

Future-Proof Your Firm with Workforce Upskilling

Get an industry overview of how top companies benefit from upskilling.

Get Employees Thinking Like Certified Professional Before They Pass

Employees develop job-relevant skills with routinely updated questions and in-depth explanations that guide them through the rationale of professionals.

Train Employees to Train Themselves

Empower employees with a self-study system so managers and executives can focus on optimizing the business while employees hone job-relevant skills and knowledge.

Automated Study Planning

The dynamic study planner generates a personalized schedule for each employee. They can open the calendar and select the day; everything they need to study is right there. And if the unexpected happens, our dynamic study planner adapts.

Engaging Video Lectures from Top Instructors

Employees can watch engaging lectures from certified industry experts like Peter Olinto and Roger Philipp on their lunch break or daily commute. Each video is packed with decades of expertise, tips, and expert guidance.

Customizable Digital Learning Tools

Employees can transfer, annotate, and personalize source content crafted by our certified accounting and finance experts to their spaced-repetition flashcards and digital MyNotebook—all accessible on-the-go.

Comprehensive, Concise Study Guides

Every formula, concept, and topic your employees need to understand to pass their certification exams, distilled into a concise roadmap by accounting and finance professionals.

Performance and Progress Analytics

Detailed progress and performance analytics allow employees to quickly identify knowledge gaps by subject, topic, or custom tag so they can focus on studying exactly what they need.

Certification Builds Successful Businesses, According to Data

Graph showing 65% of global leaders cite “talent and leadership shortages” as their #1 business challenge.
65% of global leaders cite “talent and leadership shortages” as their #1 business challenge.
Graph showing 90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful.
A full 90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful.
Graph showing 79% of L&D pros agree: it’s less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.
79% of L&D pros agree: it’s less expensive to reskill a current employee than to hire a new one.

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