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UWorld is a proud partner of the CMT Association and publisher of the Official CMT Curriculum.

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Challenging QBank

UWorld CMT Review offers exam-focused QBank questions designed for active learning. Developed by our in-house CMT charterholders, our questions provide in-depth answer explanations to help you understand concepts and apply knowledge effectively.

You’ll have instant access to hundreds of exam-caliber questions per level—mirroring the content, wording, and structure of the questions you’ll encounter on test day.

Study Tip—review all answer explanations to avoid common pitfalls on future questions.

Easy-to-Understand Video Lectures

Stay motivated to pass the CMT exam with our engaging video lectures. Alex Cole, CMT delivers short lessons that simplify exam topics and promote active learning with problem walkthroughs.

About Our Instructor
Alex Cole
has nearly 20 years of financial market experience and has contributed to major industry news publications like
Bloomberg. Alex helped build the Wiley (now UWorld) CMT Review course, for which he designed instructional content aligned with the Official CMT Curriculum and filmed 30+ hours of video lectures.

Official CMT Curriculum

Our CMT Review courses all include the latest digital curriculum for your chosen level, with our Elite packages offering physical, printed copies. 

Experience the synergy of UWorld’s leading learning tools with the latest official materials from the Association. The official digital curriculum integrates seamlessly with our premium video lectures and features like easy search, highlighting, and note-taking capabilities.

Full-Length Mock Exams

UWorld CMT Review courses include full-length mock exams mirroring the real Level I-III exams in timing, structure, question count, and difficulty. Our interface simulates the Prometric online testing system, preparing you for the exam day experience. 

The mock exams are an excellent resource for enhancing your skills, time-management, and test-taking strategy. 

Digital Flashcards

Build Your Own Deck. Test Your Knowledge.
Effortlessly transfer course content like keywords, charts, or CMT Official Curriculum passages onto customizable flashcards. In “Study” mode, use spaced-repetition technology to review flashcards, prioritizing difficult ones more often to help you build long-term retention.

My Notebook

Your CMT Exam Prep Notes In Your Pocket
My Notebook is your customizable digital companion for CMT prep. Easily capture thoughts, content from your lessons, and questions while studying by highlighting material and adding it directly to your online notebook. And with mobile access, you’ll be able to study anytime, anywhere with your personal notebook content.

Customizable Study Planner

Simplify your CMT exam prep with the innovative Study Planner. Input your start date, target exam date, and weekly study hours—your course will automatically generate a tailored study plan aligned with course syllabus milestones instantly.

Innovative Mobile App

Sync Your Studies Across Devices

Maximize your study time with our mobile app, your all-access pass to our signature technology, offline lectures, multiple-choice questions, and digital Official CMT Curriculum. Seamlessly sync with the desktop version for uninterrupted studying across devices. 

Simply connect your phone or tablet to the internet, open the app, and start studying.

The Active Learning Approach

Our finance certification exam candidates excel because they actively engage with UWorld course material. By creating digital flashcards, customizing practice tests, and reviewing diagrams and charts, they reinforce core concepts and connect theory with practical application.

In other words, they succeed because they learn by doing. Our approach uses a variety of tools to ensure understanding through challenging, exam-level practice and high quality lectures connected directly to your upcoming CMT exam.

The Power of Spaced Repetition

Research-Supported Study Method
Enhance your grasp of challenging finance topics with spaced-repetition technology, a research-backed learning strategy designed to improve retention and facilitate smarter studying. This method prioritizes difficult information by showing it more frequently until mastered, then gradually reduces exposure to encourage long-term memory retention.

Our digital flashcards incorporate this technology by adjusting the frequency of cards based on your proficiency.

Tracking Your Performance

Completing practice questions alone won't optimize your CMT exam performance. After each practice session with your QBank or full-length mock exam, assess your strengths and weaknesses to tailor your study sessions effectively using our dynamic performance dashboards.

Real People. Real Support.

Whenever you need help, we are just a click or phone call away. A friendly team of Customer Support Staff is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you have—from technical support to CMT exam guidance.

Live Classes

Get insider tips from top instructors, strategies on commonly missed exam questions through problem-solving sessions, and Q&As. Need extra help? Hour-long sessions are available the day following every virtual class for students who want clarification.

Accelerate BootCamp

Participants in this intensive program receive targeted guidance from industry experts, access to extensive resources, and the chance to collaborate in ways that just aren’t possible with an average CFA course.

Explore Courses for Every Level

Discover comprehensive review courses for CMT Levels I-III, including a copy of the Official CMT Curriculum.

Overwhelmed with CMT Exam Costs?

No need for the total cost of the CMT exam to be intimidating. With FlexiPay™, it’s now possible to buy all of your UWorld CMT Review products using fixed monthly payments.


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