Free CFA Level 2 Study Schedules

Here's Your Blueprint for Success

Download a free study schedule for 6, 2, or 1 month(s). Each includes topic weights, number of LOSs, expected hours, and more.

CFA Candidates planning for their Level 2 exam

Download Your Free CFAI Aligned Study Schedule

Stay organized with a schedule based on the CFA Institute's recommended 328 study hours.


6 Months

The CFAI recommends that candidates start studying 6 months before their exam date. That's about 13 study hours per week.

2 Months

Hitting 328 hours in 2 months requires about 40 weekly study hours—a full-time job. It's challenging but possible with the right plan.

1 Month

Starting to study 4-5 weeks before the exam requires about 80 weekly study hours. You'll have to eat, drink, and breathe the CFA exam.
You can reschedule your exam appointment within your exam window ($250) through the Prometric Scheduler, or postpone for up to 12 months ($399).

Want Something More… Powerful?

UWorld's full courses come with a dynamic study planner that automatically
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Now You Have a Plan, But How Will You Study?

You know when to study Portfolio Management, but how? With concise study guides, video lectures from top instructors, exam-level questions, and much more.

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