5 Reasons To Become A CFA® Charterholder

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True professionals understand that complacency is a career killer, or at least, a surefire way to a life of mediocrity. That’s why ambitious people in the workplace strive to improve their skills and advance their careers through continuing education or certifications. For finance professionals, the CFA Charter is an excellent way to achieve that goal. Its prominence as the most distinguished credential in investment management makes it a worthwhile pursuit. This article offers five reasons why you should become a CFA charterholder.

1. Better Career Opportunities

Once you have obtained it, the Charter affords you many different career paths. Charterholders possess the expertise and versatility to work at the highest levels in diverse segments of the finance industry . 

From consultants and financial advisors to portfolio managers and investment bankers, Charterholders are found in a multitude of attractive roles in the industry. The knowledge you gain from studying the materials at all three levels of the certification process makes you a desirable candidate to employers looking to fill prominent positions within their firms.

2. Higher Salaries

While many factors influence compensation in the financial industry, the evidence strongly suggests that CFA Charterholders earn higher salaries than their counterparts who do not have the Charter. Along with greater earnings, Charterholders also tend to report greater job satisfaction than their non-credentialed peers.

3. Fast Track to Promotion

Firms looking to promote from within are likely to prioritize employees who have demonstrated the required competencies, experience, expertise, and dedication to the organization and its goals. Investing in yourself by pursuing the Charter demonstrates to your employer your commitment to self-improvement and your desire to benefit your employer.

The rigor of the journey to attain the CFA Charter sets you apart from other colleagues who may be vying for the same promotion. All things being equal in terms of experience or performance, having the exclusive CFA credential under your belt could be the competitive advantage you need to have your firm promote you to an executive role from the sea of eligible candidates.

4. Increased Trustworthiness

The CFA Charter is the most esteemed credential in finance and investment management. It enhances your reputation among your peers, and the strong foundation and commitment to ethics and professionalism attained in the pursuit of the Charter are highly beneficial to your clients.

Trust is a priceless asset in the finance industry, and being a Charterholder comes with perceived trustworthiness that can be valuable to your career, especially in wealth management.

5. Access to a Global Network

Recognized worldwide, the CFA Charter connects you to a robust network of more than 100,000 finance professionals across diverse industry sectors. Your membership in the CFA Program is a tremendous opportunity because, as the saying goes, “Your network determines your net worth.” 

Also, some countries have waived some or all the requirements for other professional certifications, especially in investment and trading, for those who have earned the Charter. This can make transitioning to a different type of position a seamless process.

Being part of a prestigious fraternity of equally ambitious and dedicated finance professionals with shared interests gives you the flexibility to work anywhere in the modern global economy. So, no matter where in the world you go, you can rest assured that the respect you have earned as a Charterholder will travel with you.

Moreover, your access to your peers in this extensive, yet exclusive network of finance professionals empowers you to grow even more as you exchange ideas and best practices

Ultimately, each individual must decide whether the CFA Charter is right for them based on their unique life circumstances. If the pursuit of career fulfillment is mission-critical to your life’s work, becoming a CFA Charterholder puts you in the driver’s seat toward realizing that goal.

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