What Are CFA® Societies?

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As a CFA Institute Member, you are a part of an elite group of investment management professionals in the financial sector who are among the best and brightest in the industry. One of the benefits of belonging to this exclusive group is the opportunity to join a CFA Society. A CFA Society is a professional organization that allows access to a professional and global community.

There are established CFA societies in several cities around the world. As an introduction to CFA Societies, we’ll cover what they do, why you should join one, and how to apply.

How CFA Societies Work

According to the CFA Institute, the Institute and CFA Societies exist and work together to “raise professional standards and serve investment management practitioners in over 160 global financial markets around the world.” Society membership is voluntary.

Below are a few clear purposes laid out in the above statement:

  1. First, that by gathering the most talented, motivated, and educated financial minds in a certain market, great things can happen. These people from diverse segments and various firms can define higher professional standards for the entire industry.

  2. CFA Societies also exist to serve their members. They provide continuing education and professional development opportunities through different events and educational programming.

  3. Finally, as local organizations, CFA Societies exist to serve their communities. Each society has its localized interests that allow members to give back and invest in their communities.

Why Join a CFA Society?

First, you have the option to apply for membership in a CFA Society when becoming a CFA Institute member. Upon being accepted into a society, you may decline membership, but from our perspective, there’s no good reason to pass it up.

With frequent events and meet-ups, you are sure to learn from your fellow society members and build professional connections and even friendships. You also have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with your peers.

CFA Societies also provide career development opportunities, continuing education for maintaining your CFA Charter, and even help with your career advancement through access to more exclusive job boards, resources, and career fairs.

Because CFA Societies are localized organizations, your local group will have its own initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and events that are most relevant to your community.

How To Join a CFA Society

Start by finding your local society using the CFA Institute’s “Find a Society” tool. From there, you will see specific application requirements for each society. Most people will find a local group to connect with from the list of 160+ established societies, but you also have the option to start your own CFA Society.

What Is the Global Passport Program?

Many times, a CFA charterholder will routinely travel out of their home country to conduct business. One of the benefits of being a member of a CFA Society is the Global Passport Program. The Global Passport Program allows CFA Society members to participate in and/or attend other CFA society events at the local member price.

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