UWorld CFA® Career Advancement Scholarship

A Step Towards Meritorious Excellence

UWorld’s CFA® Career Advancement Scholarship aims at promoting college students who are intellectually excellent and outstanding citizens, but pinned down by financial constraints. This scholarship will assist 10 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) students across the globe further their careers by providing them with a portfolio of services to help them achieve their goal of becoming certified CFA® charterholders. Because UWorld scholars are often the first in their families to attend college, this assistance helps them advance in their careers just after graduation.

UWorld Scholarship Particulars

Please note that students interested in taking the CFA exam should apply for the UWorld Scholarship 7-11 months prior to their testing window. Every applicant will get a 50% discount on UWorld's premium packages. The winners will be announced within three months of application and must wait until then to register for the CFA exam.

Here are some specifics to note regarding our UWorld CFA Scholarship before you apply:

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must fall into one of the following categories to be eligible for the scholarship:

  1. Undergraduate students (current) at an authorized institution or college, in their junior year (minimum) while applying for the scholarship, and in their senior year for their test window
    Graduate student (current) at an accredited university or college, or a graduate (within the previous two years) from an approved institution or college
  2. Have a GPA of 3.0 or above

Applying for the UWorld CFA Scholarship is simple when compared to applying for a complicated exam like the CFA exam.

  • STEP 1: Submit the online application using the form below
  • STEP 2: Follow the email instructions to complete and submit the following:
    • Link to your video
    • Your photo (with a smile on that face)
Award Amount

UWorld's Career Advancement scholarship acknowledges 10 eligible CFA Level 1 and 2 candidates selected on merit and engagement (Level 3 candidates will be included in 2024). It covers all you need to study for and take the exam. Each candidate will get over $1,400 in tools and financial help, including a full scholarship for UWorld's Elite-360 Course, the CFAI one-time registration fee, and the exam price for their designated testing window.

How Much Do You Save With UWorld?

With UWorld’s CFA Scholarship, candidates save a fortune on CFA study materials and registration fees. Here’s how much UWorld scholars save:

What's Included UWorld Scholarship CFAI Scholarship
CFAI One-Time Registration Fee Yes No
CFA Level 1 Exam Cost* Yes Yes
reduced to $350
UWorld Approved Supplier
360 Day Prep
Yes No
Total Savings (approx.) $1,749 $650
*Standard Registration
Checking Your Scholarship Status

Once you complete the online form, you will receive an email providing your next steps, including details about the video and contact information in case you have questions or want to check the status of your application.

UWorld CFA Scholarship application status
Application Deadlines and Evaluation

The candidates will be evaluated quarterly based on the following deadlines each year:

  1. Quarter 1 – March 31
  2. Quarter 2 – June 30
  3. Quarter 3 – September 30
  4. Quarter 4 – December 31

Please note that candidates will be informed of the results of the assessment within 10 days. There will be no entries carried over to the following window. If a candidate does not qualify and wants to reapply, they must submit a fresh application.

Start Your Application

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