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The Efficiency of an All-Digital Approach

Today’s CFA candidate is ambitious and leads an active life juggling many responsibilities both at work and at home, which is why we designed a CFA exam preparation tool that gives you exactly what you need to succeed on the Level I CFA Exam. With content developed by experienced charterholders and covering all Level I learning outcome statements (LOS), our platform helps you master only relevant CFA concepts, reducing study time. And its flexible, user-friendly digital interface allows you to study anywhere at your convenience, using virtually any electronic or mobile device.

Key Features

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1,000+ instructive questions

  • Modeled after the exam blueprint
  • Covers all Level 1 learning outcome statements (LOS)
  • Content continuously monitored and updated

Comprehensive explanations

  • Detailed rationales for all answer options
  • Step-by-step problem-solving guidance
  • Practical, professionally-produced illustrations

Performance and improvement tracking

  • Conveniently track your study progress
  • Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Compare results with your peers

CFA QBank Highlights

Calculator Keystrokes
in Real Time

We show the calculator keystrokes for solving complex equations 


A web-based tool to easily create unlimited practice tests

Performance Graphs

Monitor personal progress
and performance 

Efficiency and Flexibility

With only 24 hours each day to balance your busy lifestyle and pursue your CFA charter, our platform is designed to give you precisely what you need to pass the CFA exam—nothing more, nothing less. Our in-depth explanations, paired with straightforward illustrations and images, for correct and incorrect answers, give you a better understanding of difficult CFA concepts. Plus, the all-digital interface lets you study at your convenience using your favorite devices, even on the go.

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Why choose us?

A name you can trust

Our comprehensive active-learning approach has helped over 1 million test-takers pass their high-stakes exams.

We are finance experts

Our questions are written by experienced CFA charterholders who are top financial academics and teaching professionals.

Detailed explanations

Our unrivaled explanations and content-rich rationales for both correct and incorrect answer choices set us apart.

Designed with you in mind

Our platform features an intuitive digital interface with advanced note-taking functionality and portability to suit your busy lifestyle.


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