What Is the Average Salary for a CFA® Charterholder?

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The average salary for a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) depends on their firm’s compensation structure, which typically includes:

  • a base salary,
  • company cash,
  • performance bonuses,
  • commissions,
  • stock options,
  • equity,
  • or profit-sharing.

Not only do they earn higher compensation than their peers in similar professions, but CFA charterholders also report being highly satisfied with their overall careers. So, what is the average salary for a CFA charterholder? That varies based on educational background, work experience, location, employer, and career choice.

Educational Background

As is common in other industries, on average, CFA charterholders with a post-graduate degree earn slightly higher salaries than their colleagues with only a bachelor’s degree.

Work Experience

Generally, the more work experience a charterholder possesses, the higher their earning potential. A significant number of years of experience in your field indicates expertise in your craft, and you are often paid commensurate with your experience.


Your salary could also depend on your location. The larger the city in which you reside, the more prevalent the job opportunities, and the likelihood a charterholder will earn more. For example, living in New York City or London will probably earn you more than living in a smaller city or rural town.

Career Choice

Your employer, industry, or segment will also play a role in your earning potential as a CFA charterholder. For example, working for a reputable finance firm on Wall Street would probably earn you a higher salary than working for a nonprofit.

Ultimately, all of these factors notwithstanding, the CFA Charter empowers finance professionals to significantly increase their salaries. Plus, earning the credential showcases your drive and commitment, making you an attractive candidate for career advancement.

For more detailed insights into the earning potential of CFA charterholders, check out our thorough article, CFA® Charter: Salary and Benefits.

Source: CFI

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