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Mock Exams: Know When You’re Ready To Take the CFA Level I Exam

UWorld’s Mock Exams closely replicate the actual CFA L1 exam experience to help you prepare and boost your confidence on test day.

Key Features:

  • Mock exams consist of two 2-hour, 15-minute sessions, each with 90 multiple-choice questions spanning multiple subjects and not included in the standard QBank.
  • CFA Mode simulates the real Prometric® interface preparing you for the actual test day environment.
  • Identify your development areas and compare your relative ranking to other users.

Prep Designed With You in Mind

We've designed a simple, user-friendly interface allowing you to customize and create tests of your choice. You'll be challenged and prepared with our questions at or above the CFA's level of difficulty. Efficient learning is achieved when we provide content-rich explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices to give you a deep understanding of entire concepts.

Active Learning

Our active-learning method is a study approach designed to help examinees master the concepts tested on high-stakes exams. As the name suggests, this study approach requires active participation by the student, as opposed to passive learning exercises such as sitting through classroom or live lectures.

Comprehensive Explanations for All Answer Choices

Each QBank has undergone a meticulous review process to ensure that the content goes beyond the basic concepts, covering every concept in its associated exam content blueprint. Every single question goes through extensive vetting before it can be approved for inclusion in the QBank. Plus, we continuously gather user feedback to improve and update our QBank, so the concepts tested remain accurate and relevant year over year.

More Than a QBank

We attribute our success to a singular focus on quality during a diligent content development process. Unlike standard ‘question banks’ (QBanks), we offer a comprehensive learning platform that provides students with everything you need to pass the CFA exams the first time — nothing more, nothing less so you you study efficiently and effectively.

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