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Our SimpleSheets give you a quick reference for finding and recalling the most critical formulas, definitions, and concepts covering all CFA Level 1 Exam chapters. Download it free and either print or use it as an online guide.

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The image provides an example of the formula sheets and a form to be completed in order to receive the download.
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Do I Need To Memorize All the CFA Level 1 Formulas?
If you were to memorize every formula that could be on the CFA Exam, you might have to get through about 500 or more in total. While it may be ideal to memorize all the formulas, it’s unrealistic for most people. For Level 1, the test is mainly conceptual, so it’s just as important to understand “why” the formula works as it is to memorize the formula itself. Ensure that you know what the formulas represent and what they’re trying to help you solve.
Understanding the Concepts Behind the Formula
For many topics like fixed income, equity income, and derivatives, almost all formulas are based on one basic rule. If you understand that basic rule as the foundation, it’s often a quick step to understand the related concepts and formulas. Not only will you comprehend where they came from, but also more easily memorize the formula—for example, understanding that a * b = c can easily derive that a / c = b. Understanding a concept and using the concept to derive a formula is a lot easier than memorizing many different formulas.
Repetition Leads to Recall
Most candidates will reinforce their knowledge of the concept by solving many problems that require the use of the formula. Repetition will aid in remembering its structure and use. Going through the UWorld QBank and mock exam questions is the best method for practicing what you have learned.
UWorld has other tools to help you repeat these concepts until you have committed them to memory:
    • SmartCards/ReadyDecks: Nothing beats understanding the underlying concepts, but our intelligent flashcards and prefilled flashcard decks (known as ReadyDecks) help you apply rote learning better to memorize CFA Level 1 Exam formulas, thanks to integrated spaced repetition. By repeating complex concepts in spaced intervals, flashcards “hack your brain” to help you commit CFA Level 1 formulas to memory.

    • SimpleSheets: Use our SimpleSheets to review and memorize the most critical formulas you’ll need on exam day. Our SimpleSheets present the essential formulas for all topics where you could see formula-based questions.
Our SimleSheets, active-learning QBank, SmartCards, and ReadyDecks will ensure that you learn the material and commit it to memory. Your superior retention and recall on test day will give you the competitive edge to pass the first time.
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