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By now, we know that practice doesn’t make perfect – but it can help you improve and get ready for the challenge at hand. Like a professional athlete training for a big game, how you practice for a high-stakes exam will likely determine how you perform. That’s why it is critical for CFA candidates studying for the CFA Level 1 Exam to practice like it’s the real thing. This article will show you how to practice with CFA Level 1 Exam sample questions.

Practice Until You Have Mastered the CFA Level 1 Concepts

As creatures of habit, the more we practice, the better we become. That’s why it is critical to practice for the challenging CFA Level 1 exam repeatedly until you have mastered the concepts tested. Practicing with customizable practice tests and measuring your progress will make you a better test taker by the time your exam date rolls around. 

Practice With a Solution That Resembles the CFA Exam

Practicing with a learning tool that mirrors the actual CFA exam structure, format, and interface will give you an advantage because it will familiarize you with the exam. This familiarity helps you prepare thoroughly and boosts your confidence since you will know what to expect on exam day. Also, since the CFA Exam is now a computer-based test, consider practicing with a CFA prep provider that offers an online learning tool.

Practice With Questions at or Above Exam-Level Difficulty

The CFA Level 1 Exam is as rigorous as it gets, with candidates studying up to 300 hours on average to pass. That’s why practicing with questions that not only look like the questions on the actual CFA Exam and have the same (or greater) level of difficulty will thoroughly prepare you for the real exam. Familiarity with the rigor of the CFA Level 1 Exam will boost your confidence on exam day. The more practice sessions you go through, the better you’ll perform when it counts.

Practice With CFA Level 1 Exam Sample Questions

All CFA question banks (QBanks) are not created equal. Do your due diligence in finding a CFA QBank with quality questions that look like the CFA Level 1 exam questions. Moreover, prepare with a QBank that enables you to create customizable practice tests, adjust your difficulty levels, and review detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answer choices. 

The UWorld CFA Comprehensive Online Learning Tools offer all of the above – check out the FREE trial. You can also sign up to test your CFA knowledge via our Question of the Week. Once you sign up, you will receive a weekly CFA Level 1 sample question directly in your inbox, which you can answer to test yourself.

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