Seven Ways To Fail the CFA® Exam

CFA candidate stressed about failing the CFA Exam

The idea of passing the CFA Exam can be intimidating and seem like a goal that is entirely out of reach. But becoming a CFA charterholder is one of the most effective ways to enhance your career. When you combine the right amount of motivation, commitment, and the perfect CFA Exam Prep, CFA success is yours for the taking. Without those things, though, failure could be closer than you think.

Here are seven ways you could jeopardize your CFA Exam success and not obtain your CFA Charter.

1. Wait for the perfect moment. There is no ideal time to work towards your career goals. There will always be a reason to decide that right now is not the time for CFA Exam studies. Once you accept that there is no perfect time, the sooner you can begin working towards your CFA Charter goals.

2. Not have a plan. Having a solid CFA Exam game plan and sticking to it is one of the most critical elements of CFA Exam success. You must be diligent in accounting for your time and follow your plan while adjusting your priorities accordingly.

3. Have a bad attitude. Through most challenges, having a positive attitude is half the battle. The CFA Exam is no different; studies show that having a healthy level of optimism leads to improved health, career success, and higher scores on exams and achievement tests!

4. Half-commit to your goal. If you want to successfully train for anything that takes time, like a marathon race, you can’t start by saying, “Well, I guess I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.” The CFA Exam is a unique marathon in itself. It demands hundreds of hours of practice and a personal vow of commitment. But once you’ve passed it and obtained your CFA Charter, you’ll be able to see how all of your hard work was worth it. So begin by fully committing to getting your CFA Charter starting on day one.

5. Attempt to do it all alone. Research indicates that having a solid support system has many positive benefits, such as providing better coping skills and reducing stress. Find the support you need at home, work, or online with other CFA candidates to share the challenging moments you might come across as you work towards your CFA Charter.

6. Not complete the proper hours of study. The fastest way to fail any CFA Exam level is not putting in the hours needed to pass. The CFA Exam covers a tremendous amount of information on a wide array of topics, so you have to commit to working through all the material to succeed on exam day.

7. Choosing not to use a third-party CFA prep provider. Attempting to pass the CFA Exam without a prep provider is like trying to drive to an unfamiliar destination without a map. Maybe you’ll get there eventually (and that’s a big maybe), but the journey risks being more prolonged and more complicated. The CFA Exam is no different. That’s why we designed a CFA Exam Learning Platform that gives you exactly what you need to succeed on the CFA Level 1 Exam.

The UWorld CFA Exam Learning Platform makes studying as easy as possible. With only 24 hours each day to balance your busy lifestyle and pursue your CFA Charter, our platform is designed to give you precisely what you need to pass the CFA exam—nothing more, nothing less.

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