How UWorld’s CFA® Practice Questions Compare to the Competition

UWorld CFA Course is compared with Competitors

The CFA® Exam is one of the most rigorous professional certification exams. That’s why most CFA candidates, in addition to the CFAI study materials, choose to prepare with a third-party prep provider. But all providers aren’t made equal. This article will walk you through how the UWorld CFA learning platform compares to the competition.

1. Our Philosophy

At UWorld, we believe in preparing students for more than just a test; we also want to help them become better professionals. That’s why our CFA content is developed by a full-time team of CFA Charterholders who’ve been in your shoes and can show you the ropes. They have passed all three CFA Exam levels and possess many years of experience as professionals and instructors in finance and investment management. 

Our commitment to hiring only the most qualified CFA content writers ensures that we can consistently offer an excellent CFA learning platform with quality questions testing high-yield CFA concepts. 

2. A Learning Platform

We refer to our exam prep solution as a “learning platform” and not a question bank (QBank) because it is more than a QBank. Our goal is to give CFA candidates everything they need to pass the CFA exam. That’s why our learning platform features over 2,000 instructive questions modeled after the CFA exam blueprint and covering all Level 1 learning outcome statements (LOS)

Our platform features comprehensive explanations for all answer options, step-by-step problem-solving guidance, and practical, professionally-produced illustrations to guarantee uncompromising quality. These in-depth explanations, paired with informative images, explain the rationale for why an answer choice is correct or incorrect, helping you understand the concepts instead of just memorizing the right answer to a question.  

An integral part of the learning process is the ability to track your progress. Our platform comes with reporting tools that allow you to conveniently track your study progress, quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, and compare results with your peers.

3. Active-Learning Approach

Active learning is a learning style where students are, as the name suggests, active participants in the learning process instead of passive receptors of instruction—for example, taking practice tests instead of watching long videos or listening to boring lectures. Studies show that when students actively engage in learning, they achieve better learning outcomes. 

Perhaps active learning is most evident when studying with flashcards. Flashcards help you review concepts until you’ve mastered them, allowing you to recall the information when you need to, eg, on a test. Creating flashcards as you study is an active-learning study method that helps you learn more effectively.

With the Uworld CFA learning platform, you can study with flashcards integrated with spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven study technique that hacks how your brain works to allow you to retain information over a longer period. 

In practice, spaced repetition with flashcards allows you to review difficult concepts more frequently until you’ve mastered them before decreasing the frequency, so your brain is challenged to retain the data for a more extended period. Using flashcards with spaced repetition boosts concept mastery and memory retention.

4. Mock Exams

Each UWorld CFA learning platform aims to deliver an experience that puts you in the shoes of a CFA Exam test-taker by offering you a Mock Exam within your account. A ‘CFAI Mode’ simulates the actual Prometrics® interface used on the CFA Exam. Our mock exam gives you many benefits such as:

I. Boosting Your Confidence

Closely resembling the actual CFA Exam, from the interface to the time allotted to the number of questions and topic weighting, our mock exam gives you a good feel for the real exam. Like the CFA Exam, our mock exam consists of two 2-hour, 15-minute sessions, each with 90 multiple-choice questions not included in the QBank. Plus, with instant results and feedback after completing the mock exam, not only will you know what to expect on test day, but also where you can improve.

II. Knowing Where You Stand

Our online mock exams paint a clear picture of where you stand by showing you how prepared you are for the real exam. You can even see your relative ranking compared to other users who have already taken our mock exams.

III. Improving Time Management

When it comes to competitive exams such as the CFA, time management is one of the most critical factors in performing well. Answering questions in the allotted time can be very challenging, which is why the more mock exams you take in practice, the better chance you’ll have to complete the CFA Exam on time.

IV. Improving Knowledge

Testing yourself is an effective way to improve your knowledge and ability to recall information. Even if your initial results are poor, it can serve as a wake-up call that perhaps you need to put in more effort, revise your study plan, and develop better habits to perform under pressure.

V. Reducing Anxiety 

It takes time and practice to perform well under the pressure of a timed exam. That’s why becoming familiar with test-day conditions before the actual exam can dramatically reduce your anxiety and stress.

Mock exams can be incredibly beneficial in making sure you are fully prepared for exam day and know what to expect. They can help you improve your knowledge, get familiar with the testing format, build the endurance to sit through a lengthy exam and identify what study methods work best for you. Remember, when you practice like it’s the real thing, the real thing feels like practice.

5. Digital Interface 

Our UWorld CFA learning platform comes with a digital interface, allowing you to practice in the same format as the new online CFA Level 1 Exam. Plus, you can download an iOS- and Android-compatible mobile app to study anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Here are some additional benefits of our online learning platform and mobile app:

  • Study on the go
  • Pick up where you left off on any device
  • Conveniently track your study progress
  • Compare results with your UWorld CFA peers
  • Leverage our digital flashcards with spaced repetition
  • Take unlimited, customizable practice tests
  • Cross out incorrect answers
  • Bookmark questions to review later
  • Access the calculator keystrokes

We hope you’ve found this helpful in identifying the core differences between UWorld and other CFA exam prep providers. Our decades of experience preparing students for high-stakes exams have made us a trusted leader in the industry. We invite you to prepare to earn your CFA Charter with a CFA exam prep provider tailored to your needs and much more than a QBank. 

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